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Hollywood, California
Hollywood Teen Community Project

The program objectives of the Hollywood Teen Community Project (HTCP) are to:

1) increase the awareness of and responsiveness to teen pregnancy prevention in local schools,
2) increase the awareness of and responsiveness to teen pregnancy prevention in local community-based organizations, and
3) increase Hollywood teens' access to and use of contraceptives and family planning services.

HTCP targets residents and organizations of the Hollywood 90028 zip code area. This area includes about 25,000 youth under the age of 18, one quarter of whom are Latino.

HTCP leads several teen pregnancy prevention projects in the community including:

Community Outreach: Adult and teen community volunteers and HTCP staff work with community residents, businesses, schools, and other organizations to mobilize support and resources on behalf of Hollywood youth.

Staff Training: Staff from schools and youth-serving agencies receive training and resources to increase their comfort and ability to communicate accurately and effectively with youth about healthy sexuality and teen pregnancy prevention.

Sexuality Education: Teens participate in workshops and discussions about healthy adolescent sexuality and teen pregnancy prevention through schools and community-based organizations. HTCP works with schools to promote the inclusion of comprehensive sexuality education in school curricula.

Promotoras: Community adults are trained as Promotoras (health promoters) to educate other community adults in Spanish on a variety of health topics related to healthy sexuality and positive family communication.

Teen-Friendly Clinics: Staff from local clinics work together to improve their family planning outreach to teens and the "teen-friendliness" of their clinic environments and services.

UNITY Magazine: (Understanding the Needs and Imagination of Today's Youth) HTCP teens write, edit and publish a quarterly magazine devoted to youth issues such as relationships, safe sex, contraceptives, school and career development.

Public Education: Media and collateral materials with teen pregnancy prevention themes are widely disseminated in Hollywood.

"HTCP is fortunate to have the support of residents, policymakers, youth-serving agencies, and business people from all sectors of the community. With this support we hope to accomplish our vision of listening and learning from one another and ensuring that teens have support from their parents and other adults in their lives as they make decisions about relationships and sex." —Jena Bauman

For More Information, please contact:
Jena Bauman, Director
Hollywood Teen Community Project
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
PO Box 54700, MS #2
Los Angeles, CA 90054
Phone: (323) 669-2503
Fax: (323) 913-3614
Also visit:

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